SG Questions – August 7

Toni Knight   -  



Questions about Faith

Lean In

  • Do you enjoy conversations that include debating and sharing differences of opinion or are those conversations stressful for you? Explain why and share examples.

 Look Out:

  • Why do you think culture often views science and the Christian faith to be at odds?
  • Agree or disagree: “Every person is a person of faith.” Explain.

Look DownRead Hebrews 11:6

  • What stands out to you about this verse?
  • How would you explain faith to someone without using a bible verse?

Look In:

2 Good Questions to ask about Faith:

  • What is the CENTER of my faith?
      • What (or who) are potential answers to what is at the center of one’s faith? 
      • To determine your faith’s center, share answers to the following questions:
        • Where did I come from?
        • What is my purpose?
        • What happens after I die?
      • Why is it important to know what or who is at the center of my faith? 
      • Did you struggle with answering any of these questions? Which ones?
      • How do your decisions and relationships change based on what/who is at the center of your faith? 
      • How has your life changed based on what/who is at the center of your faith?
  • What is the CERTAINTY of my faith?
    • On a scale of 1-100, how certain are you of what you have placed your faith in? 
    • What, if anything, would change that number?
    • Why is certainty important when it comes to faith?

 Look Beyond:

  • Who are some people you know who don’t have Christ as the center of their faith? 
  • Spend 3 mornings this week and pray for them. 
  • Pray also for a chance to share your faith with them.