Weekly Readings – January 16

Toni Knight   -  

Weekly Readings

I’M GOOD – Part 2

Do Good Works Matter


Jan 16, 2022

This week in service we looked at James 2:14-26 to discover what role ‘works’ play in our lives. Last week we learned that our good works don’t save us. This week we discovered that our works reveal if our faith is real.

Day 1 – Created for Good Works

Read Ephesians 2:1-10.

What is our condition before we are saved (1)?

Who did we follow before we were saved (2)?

How many of us lived in the world and followed the ways of the world and Satan (3)?

What does God have for us (4)?  What is He rich in (4)?

Remember: Mercy is not getting what we deserve. What did we deserve (3)?

What did God do out of His love for us (5)?

What else did He do (6)?

Spiritually, we are already seated with Christ in the heavenly realms.

For what purpose (keyword: in order that) did God save us, make us alive with Christ and seat us in the heavenly realms (7)?

How is it we are saved (8)?

What doesn’t save us (9)? Why?

Why were we created (10)?

When did God prepare His good works for us (10)?

Read Ephesians 4:11-13.

Who did Christ give to the church (11)?

For what purpose did He give them to the church (12)?

What would be the purpose/result (keyword:so that) of equipping the church for works of service (12-13)?

What happens to infants in Christ (14)?

What would happen ‘instead’ as the body of Christ is equipped (15)?

How does the body of Christ grow and build itself up (16)?


You were created for the good works that God has for you. What happens to the person who gives their life to Jesus but is never equipped to walk with and serve God?

What do you think it means to be equipped?

At Sunrise we equip people to walk with God and serve Him in small groups. Rooted starts this week. It would be the perfect time for you to start (sunrisechurch.org/rooted).

We also equip you for service when you sign up to serve on a ministry team. Everyday is a good time to sign up to serve (sunrisechurch.org/serve).

What step can you take this week to be equipped?

Prayer: God, thank you for making me alive with Jesus when I was dead in my sin. You created me for good works. Help me to follow through on being equipped to walk with You and serve You. Amen.

Day 2 – The Example of good works

Read John 5:14-20.

Why did the Jewish leaders begin to persecute Jesus (14-15)?

What did Jesus say about His Father (17)?

Whose example did Jesus follow that led to Him healing on the Sabbath (19)?

For what purpose (keyword: so that) would the Father show Jesus even greater works (20)?

Jesus followed the example of His Father by doing good works on the Sabbath, a day when the Jews did not work. How did that show evidence of His faith?

Read John 14:6-21.

What is the only way for us to be saved (6)?

Who did Jesus say we would know, if we knew Him (7)?

What didn’t Phiip understand (8-10)?

If they couldn’t believe Jesus, what were they to believe (11)?

What did Jesus say would be the evidence for salvation (12)?

What did Jesus say we should do if we love Him (15)?

Who did Jesus give us to help us keep His commands (16)?

What important truth did Jesus want the disciples to grasp (20)?

What evidence should there be if we love Jesus (21)?

What is the blessing of loving Jesus and keeping His commands (21)?


Jesus told Philip if He couldn’t believe Jesus, to believe the evidence.

What evidence is there that you have life-changing faith in Jesus?

What evidence is there that you truly love Jesus?

Our good works flow out of our relationship with Jesus and our love for Him. The more you get to know Jesus, the more you will love Him. The more you love Jesus, the more you will follow His example.

How can you deepen your “love” for Jesus this week?

What good work can you do today out of the overflow of your time spent with Him?

Prayer: Jesus, thank you for saving me when I could not save myself. Help me to spend time with you so that I can get to know You. Let the overflow of my love for You be the love and light I bring to this world.

Day 3 – The Evidence of good works

Matthew 25:31-40.

What will Jesus do when He returns in His glory (31-33)?

What did Jesus offer those on His right (34)?

Why (35-36)?

What question will the righteous ask Jesus at that point (37-39)?

What was Jesus’ answer (40)?

Read Titus 2:11-14.

Paul is concluding a section instructing Titus what to teach the followers of Jesus. The “For” in verse 11 give us the reason or explanation.

What should motivate us to live for Jesus (11)?

What does the grace of God teach us to do while we are waiting for Jesus to return (12)?

What does Paul remind us about our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ (14)?

What should be our attitude toward doing good (14)?


Think back over the last year. How did you treat the ‘least of these’?

How do you think God might want you to grow in compassion this year?

How would you evaluate your eagerness to do good? Do you want to but you are too busy? Are you too focused on self to see the opportunities? Is it a natural response because of what Jesus has done for you?

Ask God to show you where you can do good and show compassion as you go about your day today.

Prayer: Jesus, I am grateful for your example of caring for the poor, the sick, the needy. Forgive me for all the times I have cared way too much about my comfort and my agenda and not others. Fill me with Your Spirit today and show me how I can bring good to those around me. Amen.

Day 4 – Good works please God and bring glory to Him

Read Colossians 1:9-14.

For what purpose (keyword: do that) did Paul ask God to fill the believers with the knowledge of His will (9-10a)?

What four actions does Paul say contribute to a life worthy of the Lord and please Him (10b-12a)?

What should our good works produce (10b)?

Why can we joyfully give thanks to the Father when we are suffering (12b-14)?

Read Hebrews 13:15-16.  

What works does the author of Hebrews say pleases God?

Read Matthew 5:14-16.

How does Jesus describe believers in verse 14?

What is true about a town built on a hill (14)?

Why don’t people light a light and put it under a bowl (15)?

For what purpose should we let our light shine before others (16)?

Read Acts 10:1-2.

How did Conelius’ life give both evidence for his faith and bring glory to God?


One of the things that pleases God is bearing fruit in every good work. What fruit have you seen from the good you have extended to others?

One of the good works that pleases God is taking time to praise Him. Take a few minutes and offer to Him the sacrifice of praise.

What is one thing you can do today to let your light shine before others?

Prayer: Father, thank you for rescuing me from the domain of darkness and transferring me to the kingdom of Your beloved Son. Give me a heart that is eager to do good. Fill me with Your Spirit today so that Your love and light will be evident to all. Amen.

Day 5 – Good works will benefit you.

Read 1 Timothy 6:17-19.

Where do rich people tend to put their hope (17)?

What’s the problem with putting our hope in riches (17)?

What are we instructed to put our hope in? Why (17)?

Instead of putting their hope in their riches, what are the rich to do (18)?

How will that benefit them (19)?

What do you think it means that ‘they may take hold of the life that is truly life’?

Read Titus 3:8.

What is the benefit of being devoted to good works?

Read 1 Corinthians 15:58.

What do we learn about our labor in the Lord?

Read Galatians 6:7-10.

Why should we not grow weary of doing good (7)?

Why do we have to be careful what we do (8-9)?

What is the benefit of doing good (9)?

Therefore (in light of what was just written), what should we do (10)?


Doing good works as an overflow of our relationship with God benefits us. Paul uses rich people as an example, but I’m afraid many of us miss out on what is truly life because our focus is on our money, our problems, our idols… and we miss the blessings that come with the life God intended for us.

Have you taken hold of the life that is truly life?  Why or why not?

What might need to change for you to take hold of the life that is truly life?

What have you reaped for some of your not so good works?

How have you benefited from the good works you have done?

Prayer: Jesus, You have made it possible for me to take hold of life that is truly life. Help me to shed the things that keep me from true life. Give me the perseverance to take a little step each day to get to know You, to let Your Spirit lead and guide me, and to do good to those around me.  Amen.