January 9 – SG Questions

Toni Knight   -  


I’M GOOD – part one

Matthew 19

Lean In

  • When you were a child did you tend to be more of a rule follower or a rule breaker? Share a story that would support your answer.

 Look Out:

  • What religions do you know of that base the destiny of your afterlife on your actions in this life?

Look Down:  Read Matthew 19:16-26

  • Based on this passage of Scripture and/or the weekend message, what stands out to you?
  • What questions do you have?

Look In:

3 lies we believe when it comes to faith and works:

1. “I’m Good Enough”

  •  Share about a time in your life when you have tried to do good works to make up for a bad decision.
  • Why do we often see our faith as a big scale of good vs. bad? What is dangerous about this mentality?
  • Are there any idols in your life that get in the way of following Jesus?

2. “I’m Not the Worst”

  • Read 2 Corinthians 10:12 – What stands out to you in this verse?
  • Share about a time you have compared yourself to someone else to help yourself feel better about your decisions.
  • Why is it dangerous to use other people as the standard for “good”?

3. “I’m Too Far Gone”

  • Read Luke 23:39-42 – What stands out to you in these verses? What do these verses say about what is required for an eternity with Jesus?
  • How do these verses make you feel? Do they cause you any tension?
  • How does believing that good works do not earn God’s love for you affect the way you live your life?

 Look Beyond:

  • What’s one specific step you will take this week to help you have God’s peace as a result of the message and your group discussion?