Nov 28- SG Questions

Toni Knight   -  


MONEY TALKS, Part 4 “True Wealth”

Lean In

  • Share about a time when you were tempted to take a short cut to get more money.

 Look Out:

  • What does our culture tell us that financial wealth will provide? Give examples.

Look Down:  Read Luke 18:18-27

  • What stands out to you in this passage of Scripture or from the message this weekend?
  • Do you have any questions?

Look In:

True wealth is not measured by how much money YOU HAVE but by how much money HAS YOU (and how much money has you is measured by how you use the money you have)


  • What is the difference between trying to GET rich and trying to BE rich?


3 Ways to BE rich:

  • DO more
      • What are specific ways you are generous with your talents, time or resources?
      • Are there any areas where you feel God is calling you to be more generous? If so, what is holding you back?
  • GIVE more
  • Read Luke 21:1-4: What stands out to you in these verses regarding generosity?
      • Share about a time when you have seen generosity from someone who did not have “a lot” by the world’s standards? 
      • How did their generosity impact or affect you?
      • What do you think it means to PRACTICE generosity? 
      • How does planning for generosity increase your potential for generosity?
      • What can you do today to increase your potential for generosity?
  • Read Romans 5:8: How does our generosity reflect the Gospel of Jesus?

Look Beyond:

  • What’s one specific step you will take this week as a result of the message and your group discussion?